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Sheol was the name, given by the Exiles to the Demon entity that led the attacks upon their Fortress, and ultimately the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

The first documented manifestation of this creature was in the Chamber of the Hayden Hill Research Facility shortly before its destruction (although arguments continue as to whether this was actually a different entity and Sheol took over this form at some later date). Records indicate that a girl appeared in the Chamber, and then later reappeared at subsequent experiments as the research continued at the Maunsworth House Research Facility. Always appearing as a female, Sheol manipulated events towards her goal of crossing through from the Heavenfield and into the everyday world. Had it not been for the efforts of the combined Exile, U.S. and British troops at the Battle of Maunsworth Field (and ultimately the Angels), then she, and her army of Demon entities would have succeeded in travelling back through the Maunsworth Entry-Point.

Sheol differs from the other Demon entities by being able to take human form, and is not contorted and warped like the others [see Demon Entities]. It is unknown as to the nature of Sheol's true form (or indeed whether she possesses a single 'true' form), but there are many documented reports of her appearing in dreams or the Heavenfield as a naked girl.

She was believed to have been destroyed by Thomas Sullivan at the climax of the Battle of Maunsworth Field.


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