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Winged Demon


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Winged Demon
Creature Description

Winged Demons are bipedal creatures thought to be related to, or mutations of the Swifts, first encountered at the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

They possess ragged wings that fold loosely about their legs while upon land, but allow them to fly in a surreal, supernatural slowness.

Inhabiting the canyons and caves around the Maunsworth EP, the Winged Demons are vicious scavengers, feeding upon the carrion of ghosts around the battle plain. [See Swifts].

Barely thirty feet away stood a terrifying creature. It was four or five feet tall, a long, segmented body balanced upon two bony legs that ended in vicious claws.

The creature had no face as such, just a large set of insect-like mandibles. Its body tapered to a long tail for balance, and ended with a sharp, blade-like bone which it swished lazily.

It stood over the corpse of a soldier, whose torn suit bore the Maunsworth Insignia. The creature pawed at the body with its talons, seemingly unaware of Grace’s presence. Its mandibles snapped together in anticipation with a hungry crack.about like a rag doll. There was the sound of ripping fabric, and then the crack of bone.

Grace was paralysed, unable to tear her eyes away from the grisly scene.

She jumped in panic as something touched her shoulder, and she span around.

Sanders was crouched next to her, his eyes fixed upon the creature. Gently, he pulled Grace up into a sitting position. The creature carried on its feast, tugging and clawing at the unfortunate corpse...

Extract from The Dead Man's Feast


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