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Otto Kandinsky


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Otto Kandinsky was an Exile Commander, leading a squad of armoured Field-Walkers as part of the Katyusha Company during some of the heaviest fighting in the history of Heavenfield engagements.

During his time as a member of the Exiles he kept a detailed diary of his experiences, from his recruitment at the age of sixteen, and throughout his training and encounters within the Heavenfield. Later on he would be chosen as a member of the notorious 'Wraith Squads', tasked with capturing or assassinating key figures around the globe.

At the time of the beginnings of the Final War, Kandinsky, although only nineteen, was already a seasoned commander, highly decorated for his bravery. He was in the thick of the fighting around the American Entry-Point, where he was wounded and air-lifted back to the Exile Fortress.

He led his team of Field-walkers in a fighting withdrawal when the Fortress was overrun by Demons, saving many of his fellow comrades in the process.

He would later fight to defend retreating U.S forces during the Battle of Maunsworth Field...

Entry One - Recruitment

...I have managed to steal this small notebook and determined that I will write down a journal of the events that have befallen myself and my fellow comrades, in the vain hope that some day these words may be read, and the world discover the amazing secrets it holds hidden.

Though, in truth, I don’t suppose anyone would view what I have to say as more than the fevered ramblings of a madman. But this is the truth - and though it may seem as though I describe the workings of a dream, I can only say that it is a dream from which I have yet to awake. And besides that it is more of a nightmare I inhabit.

My name is Otto Kandinsky, and if anyone should ever discover this book, then please, I implore you to find a way to contact my family to let them know of the incredible fate which has befallen me. Please contact [name and address omitted]. If you ever read this my Mother and Father, know that I love you and think of you always through this hell that I have been caught up in...

Extract from The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

Entry Two - Dr Henschel



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