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Alex / Alexi - Origin unknown, but served with the Russian Military as a Security Commissar, where he was assigned to an Experimental Research Facility deep in the heart of the Urals. Missing, presumed dead after an accident ended the project, Alex, or Alexi, operated covertly for the mysterious group known as 'Exiles', attempting to sabotage the British Standing Point Project.

As the British came closer to discovering the secrets of Standing-Point technology the Exiles became ever more desperate in their attempts to stop it. For a long while they had been content to operate exclusively out of the Heavenfield, carrying out acts of sabotage upon equipment and machinery, or destroying information stored upon the project's computers. This allowed them to lessen the risks of discovery. But eventually, more and more drastic measures were undertaken, such as kidnap of key figures, and ultimately assassinations.

Alexi was at the forefront of these later attacks, chosen for his background in covert operations from his time within the Russian Secret Services. Always an unwilling weapon, Alexi's first major assassination operation was given to him directly by Dr. Henschel, and he was tasked with killing Prof. John Behringer, an eminent theoretical physicyst, and key member of the British Research Project. Although not directly involved in the assassination, Alexi coordinated the kill squads that would ultimately be responsible for taking out Behringer, and spent months under cover aound Maunsworth heading a surveillance team. They also acted as a liaison for Exile operatives that managed to infiltrate the base itself [see Dan Earl]. The team would act as a go-between for operatives and their couriers, who would relay information back to the Exile Fortress [see Dragor Millovich ].


The Americans held a large dossier on Alexi who constantly infuriated them in their attempts to capture or kill him.

It was during this operation that Alexi became known to a branch the American Secret Services who were conducting their own intelligence-gathering operations on Maunsworth. Headed by Lt Col. George Speers, Alexi became a constant thorn in Speers' side, and the Americans became obsessed with catching him and uncovering his identity. Paranoid that the British were feeding him misinformation, Speers became convinced that Alexi was working for the British MI5, and developed ever-more elaborate traps with which to capture him. But somehow Alexi was able to evade the Americans' attempts, which came to a disastrous moment when Speers ordered the destruction of a light aircraft after all other attempts to kill or capture him had failed [see George Speers ].

But still Alexi was somehow able to evade capture, and his involment within the Heavenfield's turbulent history became ever greater, until he finally kidnapped Dr. Grace Palmer and Thomas Sullivan in an attempt to halt an attempt by the entity Sheol to break through from the Heavenfield to the everyday world. As events played out it became apparent that Alexi's uncanny ability to foresee attempts upon his life were in fact due to his onset of Field exposure, a sickness that appeared to imbue him with what can only be described as a sixth-sense. He became attuned to perceiving the energy shapes of living forms normally only seen in the Heavenfield, and could use this skill to avoid hidden dangers. But this gift was to come at a price, and would ultimately cost him his life in the final moments leading up to the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

Alexi was most notorious for the part he played in the kidnapping of two female staff members who worked upon the Maunsworth Research Project.

Known aliases: [George Benning ], Green.



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