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Albrecht Henschel


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Leader of the mysterious group known as the Exiles, the self-appointed protectors of the Field. Dr. Henschel has fostered an almost messianic energy to their cause, which is only fuelled by the claustrophobic nature of their fortress, trapped in the Heavenfield under siege from a nightmarish horde.

Entry Two - Dr Henschel

“Keeler tells me that the scientists at the British Facility dubbed the Standing-Point Project ‘The Heavenfield’. How apt that name is, and yet it does not hint at the perils towards which they blindly stumble. For that world does indeed contain Heaven. But Hell is there also. And which of us is pure enough to enter that world and be judged?

Not these British. Naïve children, playing at Gods. They do not understand they hold the power to level the Earth.

They must be saved from themselves.”

Extract from the Journal of Dr. Henschel.

“Whose is this voice in my dreams? She shows me terrible visions, and tells me they are glimpses of what is to come. Is she real?...

...She is getting stronger. I fear to sleep at night...

...I am so tired, I dare not confront her again for fear she will overcome me. I have stolen some tablets from Dr. Ward to help keep me awake. I think it is days since I slept...

...She is with me now, as I am awake. Is she real?”

Extract from the Journal of Dr. Henschel.



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