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Jun 19, 2020 | eBook, HEAVENFIELD, News

All three books from the Heavenfield world in one collection!

The Heavenfield Box Set : Books 1-3 on Kindle

A war rages in the shadows for control of a terrifying new world. But no-one can control the Heavenfield...

All three books from the Heavenfield collection in one volume. Almost 1500 pages for only $9.99.

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The Heavenfield Box Set by I G Hulme - book cover

Alexi was once hailed as a hero amongst the Exiles. But the Heavenfield claims everyone eventually.

His team of covert ops has been blown, and as his visions of the Heavenfield worsen he's no longer sure who the real enemy is.

For in the shifting reality of the Heavenfield, fears can be made tangible and used as weapons, and subliminal messages can be triggered like bombs that alter the very reality around them.

As events spiral out of control, government agencies, clandestine military groups and supernatural forces all wage a secret war that threatens to bring the world to the very brink of destruction...

Hailed as a Modern-day Classic of Science-Fiction, the Heavenfield box set includes the first three books from the Heavenfield world: The Heavenfield The Dead Man's Feast The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

All the best, I G

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