Good King Toady’s Christmas Carol

Dec 4, 2023 | News, Patreon, Printed Books, Shop

I made a Christmas Book! 

Years and years ago, I wrote a nonsense poem about Good King Toady and his best pal, Mervitude Huxley, a songbird of great renown.

It's Christmas Eve, and Toady is all out of cash to buy presents. Can Mervitude save the day?!

For the past ten years, I have read the poem to my little daughter on Christmas Eve as an alternative to the Night Before Christmas.

I have always envisaged it as a picture book, and this year I finally achieved it. I thought I could use Midjourney AI, to create some illustrations, and the first results were beautiful. But I quickly found that getting a consistent look throughout a book was a lot trickier! With a lot of photoshop editing though I managed to get some really lovely illustrations that matched the poem beautifully.

I hope you like the results!

You can order the paperback book from your local Amazon store here:

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Good King Toady's Christmas Carol by I.G. Hulme

A huge thank you to all my patrons, whose support made the creation of this book possible.

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