Audiobook release – Episode 19

Dec 9, 2019 | Audiobook, HEAVENFIELD, News, Patreon

The Dead Man's Feast


Week 19 - Episode 19.

The nineteenth episode of The Dead Man's Feast is now available to all Patrons of the Heavenfield!

Previously... The Speers entity has been driven from the American flagship, and Captain Gray has taken his squad to search the Herald for survivors. But all they find is a physical manifestation of Speers' consciousness running throughout the ship, trapping the stricken crew. Meanwhile, back at Maunsworth, Aubrey Wilson resorts to desperate measures in an attempt to break through to the sub-levels in his hunt for Grace Palmer. He enlists the help of Kenneth Doone, a victim of exposure to the Field, whose powers prove far too great for Wilson and his men to control...

You can listen to The Dead Man's Feast here:

Click here to listen to The Dead Man's Feast.

Many thanks for all Patrons' ongoing support! Without your help I would not have had the resources avaiable to create this audiobook.


The audiobook release will be available exclusively to Patrons of the Heavenfield.

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